“The presentation made me consider the different ways I could use my art, and how I should keep in mind how much impact my art can have. It reminded me that trying to send a message with my art can really spur changes in the world I live in, whether I realize it or not.”


Special Projects & Residencies

The Park School Project

The Park School of Buffalo, founded in 1912, is one of the oldest Progressive schools in the country. In the scholastic year of 2014-15 Fotini Galanes presented My Mark Matters™ to the community at Park, from preschool years through college prep students, faculty, staff, alumni and family members. The art piece was inspired by, constructed, created an assemble by thePark community. Students gathered information on the population to determining a final size  (5’x5’) to accommodate 3,600 one inch drawings. They drew a grid and plotted an image of the earth in values of light through dark. They collected the drawings, determined the values and plotted them into the grid. The original art is in The Park School’s permanent collection and resides in the school. In 2016 the New York State Council of the Arts with Art Services Initiative of Western New York in addition with a strategic alliance with The Park School awarded My Mark Matters™ with the DEC Grant to increase awareness and aid in the presentations to diverse communities. Park Faculty member and film maker Stephen R. Powell created this video archive of the 2014-15 residency of My Mark Matters™ at the Park School.

Make your mark.