I Wasn’t Supposed to Be Here

Jan 10, 2021 | 0 comments

A female juvenile prison guard brought in a boy in a little late and asked to sit in on my presentation to a group of 8 incarcerated boys. She was at least 6’5”, very thin and beautiful. She looked around and asked if it was ok if she sat in. After my presentation of MMM I got the boys busy with their drawings and she approached me. “I wasn’t supposed to be here today and it’s not my job to bring the boys in here. I don’t know what compelled me to stay but I believe I was supposed to meet you. I used to be a runway model.” It didn’t surprise me, she had a grace and a rare beauty. “When I was 18 my boyfriend and I were in a car accident. He was killed on impact and I was thrown from the car. They cut me up the center of my torso to save my life. My mom says I’m more beautiful today than I was then. When I look at myself all I see is a monster. I was supposed to hear your story today. While you spoke I realized that I am just as beautiful as you.” As important as this moment was for her and for me, more importantly 8 boys in issued orange and rubber sandals witnessed this two women of different color embrace and hold one another to cry and heal.