I want to make a difference

Oct 30, 2020 | 0 comments

After my artist talk a young woman took my wrist and sat me down in front of the blocks. She didn’t look directly at me. She faced the blocks. She was weeping and told me she was scared, scared that she’ll never make a difference in the world like I had with this project. She felt she’d never make a difference because nothing ever happened to her. Her life was uneventful and boring. I asked her how old she was. “18”. I asked her to look at me and said, “The fact that you’re only 18 and you already want to make a difference in the world leads me to believe you will and that she doesn’t see she already has. There are people who live their entire lives with no desire to make a difference in the world. Whether something happened to them or not. You don’t need something to happen to you to make a difference in the world or want to… you are evidence to that. Just promise me that you will stay awake so that you will see it when it comes to you. Your North star. That thing you feel passionate about. You just have to be awake to recognize it when it presents itself.” Her embrace was one I will never forget.