His Name was Salvatore

Dec 20, 2020 | 0 comments

It was the 4th time I presented My Mark Matters in less than 24 hours. While 160 children were quietly curled up in their little bundles across the gymnasium floor with their blocks working on their 10 minute drawings a faculty member approached me and told me I “stirred” her. “I was born with a birth defect that required me to have surgeries when I was growing up. While I was in the hospital for one of them, the hospital caught on fire. My father ran to help evacuate the children who were in the burn ward first and then returned to get me. I never forgave him for going to them first. You made me realize he knew those kids needed to get out of there first. I am ready to forgive him now. I will tell him in my own way. He passed away last year.” She kissed me and left me to resume my presentation. I never saw her again.