1950’s Prom Dress

Nov 10, 2020 | 0 comments

After presenting to a group of college students I asked them to choose one of the 300 blocks that most represented who they are. “Which one do you most relate to?” A young girl left the room sobbing. The professor followed her then returned saying she would like to talk to me. The young woman told me that one block reminded her of her sister who is addicted to heroin and another block reminded her of her grandmother who had recently past away. She explained how difficult her life is. As she held her sisters block and her grandmothers block, I asked her which block was hers. Which one was her story. She smiled and said, “Oh! I know exactly which one it is.” She lead me to the blocks and showed me one that reminded her of the 50’s explaining she loves the 50’s and showed me a picture in her phone of her 50’s style prom dress that she hand made. I told her it is my hope that she continues to realize the importance of following and honoring her story.