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My Mark Matters Planet Earth

My Mark Matters Planet Earth is an outreach to children from all 196 countries to make their individual marks on 1" squares. The works will be assembled into a cubic sphere to create a 5' in diameter 3D globe of planet earth. The completed piece will be a pixelated image of almost 18,000 human marks that do not distinguish between race, creed, color, age or gender.

Project My Mark Matters was originally designed in 2011 as an interactive installation for the Useum space at the Burchfield Penney Art Center (BPAC) under the original title Drawing Surfaces. Visitors participated in a drawing exercise to experience my process as an artist working in graphite with an interest in how we see and respond to surfaces. After a 5 month residency at BPAC the "block project" was requested at various schools and workshops and grew in popularity. In 2014, with an artist in residence, I presented My Mark Matters (MMM) to the entire community at the Park School of Buffalo NY. In 2016 project MMM received a generous DEC Grant from the Art Services Initiative of WNY with the support of The Park School, to expand my project Mark Making to a global reach. Children from all over the world will be represented in My Mark Matters Planet Earth.